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At Northern Plateau Legal, you will meet with a professional lawyer who has extensive experience working with the Queensland criminal justice system. We apply our knowledge while defending our clients and utilise our resources to their advantage.

Our legal team is dedicated, compassionate, and ready to help all those who are currently dealing with criminal or traffic charges in far north Queensland, and particularly the Tablelands area.

Tiffany Veschetti Criminal Lawyer Atherton


We also have extensive experience and skills relevant to traffic charges and related applications, and also domestic violence matters.

We understand that it is not always possible to seek legal advice during business hours, or that it may sometimes be difficult to travel to a solicitor’s office.  We can work with you to ensure that you have access to legal advice and representation, regardless of your personal situation.

As we are on the list of Legal Aid Queensland’s preferred suppliers, we can also advise you about whether you may be eligible for legal aid funding, and we can assist you with your Legal Aid application.

Why hire a Criminal Lawyer?

When a person is arrested or is under investigation for a criminal offence of some sort, it can be difficult to know what to do. The arresting officer may have told you that there is no hope of avoiding a conviction. The criminal charges you face may be so serious that you feel there’s no way to avoid years or even life in prison.

It is important to remember that you always have options. We can provide you with advice about the courses of action that may be available to you, so that you can maintain control and have a clear understanding of potential outcomes.

Whether this is your first arrest or you are facing serious charges, we can still work to gather evidence and witness testimony on your behalf and develop a legal strategy which will ensure that you obtain the best outcome possible in the specific circumstances of your case.

Contact us to discuss your legal issue with an experienced criminal lawyer in Atherton.